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Bee Home

Welcome on web dedicated to honey bees, beekeepers and bee products

Honey bees follow our family since ancient times. Wherever we lived, always a hives were part of our household. At the present two of my uncles Karol and Marian are full-time beekeepers, uncle Peter, cousin Miriam and my father Silver are hoby beekeepers as well as me Petr. Time spred our family across country and from east to west we live in distance over 500 Km. Bees connect us, bees keep us in good health, bees learn us, and, bees make us happy. All we offer you here is product of cooperation between happy bee and happy beekeeper.


Bee pollen, bee bread, raw propolis, royal jelly, wax and honey all produced by beekeepers of family Laco you can purchase right here

Weight and dimensions of the packages are optimized to maximize value and reach lowest postage prices. Pollen and propolis are newly packed into heat sealed and resealable ZIP bags suitable for food use and shock-resistant envelope, orders above 453 g are shipped in cardboard boxes. Paid goods we send every working day at 17:30 exclusively by registered mail.

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