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Fresh Royal Jelly

Natural Royal Jelly

All the Royal jelly is shipped in brand new syringes of medic purpose. 

·         Shipping in the syringe containers save money for shipping.

·         Material of the syringe does not affect the quality of royal jelly.

·         Syringe itself is precise instrument for comfortable dosage of the royal jelly.

·         Syringe by its design avoids contact of the Royal Jelly with air and thus avoid the oxidation or contamination process.

Approximate location of bee hives: 48.080946N, 18.931074E

Royal Jelly Story:

Worker honeybees (in age 6-12 days) mainly develop in the pharyngeal glands secret, by which feeds the larvae first three days of their life as well as larvae of future queen bees, adults queens are fed by royal jelly every day and because of this diet are able to produce huge amount of eggs (up to several thousand per day). Bees this product does do not store, royal jelly is immediately used for consumption by larvae.

If honeybee larvae is  fed by royal jelly, only the first three days, further development will hatch worker (21 days), while if the larva is fed during the entire development process evolves into mother queen (after 16 days). Nutrition by royal jelly also has a profound effect on longevity, mother lives up to several years (worker lives 180-240 days). During the summer we collect royal jelly for its medicinal purposes (royal jelly is included in the list of active substances and drugs in medicine).

Physical properties:

Royal jelly is a homogeneous slurry white to cream-yellow jelly of spicy taste to acidic, its specific weight is 1.1 g / cm3, preferably soluble is in the honey (80%), viscosity depends on the water content and the age, melting point is 55 ° C

Chemical composition:

About two thirds of the volume is water. In the dry form is the largest proportion of proteins and sugars, royal jelly is very rich in vitamins (mainly groups B, B5, B3, B7, B6, B1, B8, B12, and also vitamins A, C, D)

Therapeutic dosage:

Royal jelly is best for consumption mixed with honey in rate 1:250 and stored in a refrigerator at 1-10 ° C, a reasonable therapeutic dosage is a daily amount of from 30g of the mix for a period of 3-4 weeks.

Used for:

·         Physical and mental exhaustion

·         Loss of taste

·         In old age

·         Treatment of asthma

·         For the treatment of arteriosclerosis

·         Higher cholesterol

·         Reduced immunity

·         Treatment of low pressure

·         Treatment of burns

Furthermore is royal jelly indulging in the cosmetic industry since promotes the growth and regeneration of the skin

For children under 15 years of age use only after consultation with physician! Some people could suffer allergic reaction!

100% natural product - We don't use GMO, antibiotics or pesticides. Conserved only by cold temperature.