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Raw Honey


All our production of honey is raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, unheated honey. If there is anyone detest any impurities such as pieces of honeycomb or bee leg, please be sure you are on wrong placeJ

All honey is expedited in certified bag-in-boxes and you are advised to pour it into your favorite honey jar before the honey crystalizes (most of the honey do in few month) 

Make your preliminary inquiry by Email here

Here are the prices of honey as we plan them for this spring:

Spring meadows honey –

8 GBP / kg

Oil rape honey –

8 GBP / kg

Raspberries honey –

not available

Acacia honey (Robinia pseudoacacia) with honeycomb –

18 GBP / kg

Acacia honey (Robinia pseudoacacia) –

12 GBP / kg

Honeydew from oak forest -

12 GBP / kg

Honeydew from spruce forest -

12 GBP / kg


Shipping prices worldwide:

up to 2 kg parcel flat rate worldwide - 18 GBP

heavier parcels will be arranged separatelly