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Raw Propolis

raw propolisRaw Propolis

We offer you Propolis in its rawest and most fragrant form. Nothing in the hive smell as nice as this fresh propolis. When it is heated in the palm, it will stick to the skin and when cooled down below 10 ° C propolis becomes brittle as glass. It is suitable for the preparation of tinctures (dose of 37 g is sufficient for 100 ml of 60% alcohol). Propolis serves as an top ingredient in ointments, in natural medicine. In its raw state effectively helps to reduce tooth pain (propolis acts as a local painkiller and anesthetic), works well to destroy warts and corns.As one of the components of the paint on the violin propolis used i also Antonio Stradivari. Restorers use propolis on old furniture and wood preserving. Propolis with us you can buy here.



Propolis as medicament for burnings

Once I got burned by hot steel rod when working in the garden. Thanks to fast aplication of propolis tincture really immediatelly I was able to play guitar the same night and two weeks after that accident there are nearly no scares visible on hand. Also, no blisters ocured so the healing was really comfortable. Pisture is taken after aplication of propolis tincture.