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Wirgin Beeswax

Wirgin Beeswax by lacobeekeepers

Bee wax generally is one of products of honey bees offered by lacobeekeepers in close future.

Here we would like to introduce you our way of reckognizing sorts of wax.

Caps wax

Wax that comes from caps is the finest wax ever, bees make cups just when the cell of honey comb is full and honey is ready for storing. We separate caps from combs just before extraction of honey, heat it slowly at maximum temperature 75°C to cast small bricks for our customers. Caps wax is the youngest wax, perfect for use in cosmetics and natural medicine. Some studies says caps wax contains natural antibiotisc that prevent honey from fermentation.

Wirgin wax - first grade

First grade wirgin wax is only from the combs built without control of beekeeper and taken from hives before the bees used them for storing of supplies or laying of eggs. This wax is lightest of all because no nectar or pollen gave its collor to it. Wax is never melted, only pressed for easier storing and shipping.

Wirgin wax - second grade

Second grade wirgin wax is material from supplies area only, so no new bees came from that comb ever because queen had no chance to lay eggs there.



Regular Beeswax

The less known ways of use:

Didgeredoo mouthpiece

Mouthpieces of popular australian musical instrument Didgeredoo are made of beeswax.

Bowstring making and maintenance

wax works in the bowstring as inhibitor of moisture reduces friction between strands

Surfboard waxing

waxing the top of the surfboard to make the surface more adhesive